Congratulations UH Freshmen!

My name is Nancy and I will be one of the many mentors of the First-Year Programs at UH Manoa. I’m very excited to meet all of you!

I am happy to say that I was born and raised here in the beautiful state of Hawaii. Currently, I am a senior and I have two majors: Psychology and German. In my spare time, I enjoy martial arts, reading and language learning. Currently I am working on my fifth language, German. After graduation, I would like to combine my knowledge of psychology with linguistics and pursue a PhD in Psycholinguistics. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a world where most people could speak at least 3 languages?!

Manoa has provided a great deal of support for me as well as life-changing opportunities. I’ve just returned from a study abroad program in Berlin, Germany and it was absolutely amazing! If there is any advice I could give you it is this: enjoy what you do. College can be very stressful but it can also be one of the happiest times of your life as long as you make the most of it. So make friends and make memories. If you are ever worried about something (which I’m sure you will and it is completely normal) feel free to seek me out! I will be more than happy to help you as best as I can. My goal as your mentor is to not only help you become successful here at UH Manoa, but also to help you enjoy your time in college as I have!

Looking forward to seeing you all!

Uy-Di Nancy Le

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Aloha Freshman!

Welcome to the University of Hawaii at Manoa!
My name is Cynthia, and I will be one of your many amazing mentors this year through the First Year Programs. I am really excited and cannot wait to meet all of you!

A little about myself: I was born and raised in Hawaii and although I can’t swim, I’m happy to call this beautiful place my home! I am currently working on my BA in Biology and after graduation I plan to continue my education in a PharmD program. I will actually be going into my last semester this Fall and I can attest that four years of university will go by in the blink of an eye! A few of my hobbies include singing Ed Sheeran in the shower, early morning jogs, hiking, and studying with my friends. I’m also always caught up with The Flash and The Arrow, so I’m always open to discuss the series with you!

You are beginning a great new milestone in your life and I hope that these next few years will be nothing but wonderful for you. I’m happy that you chose this university for your time of growth; here is where you will learn a lot about yourself, your interests, your strengths and weaknesses and development beautiful gems of friendships that will last a lifetime! I’m excited to be among your first encounters here at the university and will be here to guide you throughout your semester. Don’t worry, I’m really nice! I promise I won’t bite!
(I hope that my excessive use of exclamations in this post did not scare you — I’m really that excited for you! ^_^)



Aloha kākou e nā haumāna hou! My name is Tiele-Lauren Doudt and I will be one of your peer mentors for this upcoming IMG_4438semester. A little bit about myself, currently I’m a junior double majoring in Hawaiian Studies (Mālama ʻĀina) and Hawaiian Language. I’m a proud Kamehameha Kapālama graduate, class of 2013–and I was born and raised in Kīlauea, Kauaʻi. Some hobbies of mine include anything that can be done in the ocean or with Native Hawaiian plants: Canoe paddling, free diving, kayaking, water polo, open-water swims, organic gardening, hiking, and the list goes on.

Some goals of mine are to graduate within the next two years and then to proceed immediately onto Graduate School here at UH-Mānoa, hopefully either for my M.A in Hawaiian Studies or an M.A in Pacific Island Studies. College, so far, has been the best two years of my life. I certainly hope that it’s the same for you. UH-Mānoa provides so many amazing opportunities that I hope all of you will take advantage of. Freshmen year I lived on-campus and explored the dorm life, then worked and beached it the entire summer. Sophomore year I worked and powered through school, and this current summer I studied abroad in Europe where I traveled to Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Iceland. And my junior year will be spent hanging out with you fine people.

I am deeply looking forward to meeting you all!

Me ka haʻahaʻa,

Tiele-Lauren D.


Welcome Freshmen!

Congratulations on being accepted to UH Manoa! My name is Shay and I will be one of your peer mentors this semester to help make your transition into college as smooth as possible and guide you so you can make the most out of your on campus experience.

A bit about myself…I am a senior pursuing a BS in Biology, with ambitions to become a primary care physician here in Hawai’i. Manoa has provided me with so many opportunities, I have been heavily involved in a community service club on campus and have been part of medical related clubs. I also work on campus and am currently volunteering with a research work group.  There are so many things to do on campus, I will be more than happy to help you find the one(s) that are best for you!

pic copy (1)On my free time, I love to catch up on my TV shows (more like binge watch), eating and finding new places to try, sleeping, traveling, meeting new people, talking story, baking (currently making nutella brownies…yummy), and hang out with friends and family.

I can’t wait for the school year to start and meet all of you.  I know that you all are going to do great things here at Manoa and I will be here to help you along the way and answer any questions.

See you soon!


Hi Everyone! ^~^


Hey!! My name is Rebekah and I am super stoked to be a peer mentor this semester. I’m starting my Senior year here at UH Manoa and planning on graduating in the Fall of 2016 with my nursing degree. My plan is to graduate, work as a registered nurse for a couple years, then join a program called Mercy Ships (it’s an international hospital ship! 😀 ).

I was born on the island of Oahu and lived here almost my entire life (high five if you’re from Moanalua, whoop!). When I’m not studying for nursing, in my spare time I love to read, watch Netflix, and eat! #foodislife So practically I like relaxing at home, going to church, and just chilling with friends. I like to hike too, but only if the reward at the end is getting a bowl of acai 🙂

College is going to be an awesome experience for you all! All of us peer mentors are here for you, so if you ever have questions feel free to ask! College can be stressful but remember to make moments with friends and have fun once in awhile. Work never ends but college does. This summer has been hot so don’t forget to wear sunscreen and see you guys soon! ^~^




My Name is Patrick Marigonda. I hail from Santa Cruz, California but I have been living on O’ahu and attending UH since 2012. UH has provided me with great friends, professors, and memories. O’ahu is a great place to live and It has been a real privilege to be able to spend my undergrad here. I am a Political Science major and an American Studies minor. I will be graduating this May and am planning to attend law school afterward. I spend most of my free time heading out to Makapu’u or Sandy beach, hanging out with friends, sharing good stories, and of course grilling.

UH is a great school, just remember to take a study break every once in a while to make the most of your time on the Islands. I look forward to meeting all of you!


IMG_1675 (1)


G’day! My name is Koleyna but everyone calls me Koli. I am from a small country town, Forestville, in Northern California. I am Yurok, Karuk and Hupa and am very involved in my culture.

I am a French Major and Sociology Minor and have one semester left! I can’t believe how quickly these years flew by: these truly are the best years of your life. I walked on to the Varsity Sailing Team Freshman year, studied abroad in Australia and bartended throughout college. It was truly an experience. Next, I will be traveling the world and playing music before becoming a teacher for Teach For America in Oakland.

My favorite hobby is writing songs: I even have my own YouTube Channel! I play a few instruments and love performing. When I am not playing music, I am adventuring the islands of Hawai’i with my cousin and my boyfriend. My favorite beaches are Yokes and Kaillua because the waves are less intimidating.

Things I love: food, bubbles, travel, red Sour Patch Kids, Arrow (TV Show), dinosaurs and making children laugh.

Things I’m not a fan of: makeup, high heels, fears, negativity and stereotypes.

PIC0149 copyUH Manoa is truly an amazing place. Remember all the moments that make you laugh, keep all the friends you meet and have courage. Just be you! It’s not all sunshine and rainbows in college but it’s the storms that make them even more special. Enough clichés, I look forward to meeting all of you! 


Aloha everyone!

My name is Charles and I transferred to University of Hawaii at Manoa majoring in Business Marketing and Management. I have been working to support myself through college since high school graduation. I plan on graduating from University of Hawaii at Manoa within the next two years and possibly pursuing my MBA afterwards. I have all kinds of stories to share and I can’t wait to get to know you as your peer mentor.

I am very sociable and LOVE food! If I have the time I try to go on hikes or to the beach, especially any beaches I haven’t been to yet. I learned how to surf in Waikiki and I try to go as often as possible too. Always down for an adventure or just to cruise and get out to enjoy this beautiful environment we live in.IMG_2319

I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer and I’ll see you when the semester starts! Shoots!



Welcome to ACE, I’m Jaymie!


I’m Jaymie and I’ll be one of your ACE peer mentors for the Fall 2015 semester. I’m a microbiology major, but I wasn’t always. I started off as a biology major with a love for the sciences, but UHM offered so many new opportunities and opened my world to new things, I decided to switch to engineering.  Then I switched to education,  then to computer science, and then to microbiology. It’s okay if you’re not sure of what you want to do.  There are tons resources and people available on campus to help you find what you love and sometimes it takes time and a lot of exploring to figure it out, but trust me, it’s worth it!

Here’s a little bit more about me.  I’m from Hilo on the Big Island and coming to college was my first extended time away from home. My friends soon became my family and I learned how many great things Oahu has to offer. I love playing tourist, even at home, if it means going sightseeing and hiking. When I am home, I love watching movies, except I always fall asleep during the action fighting scenes. The latest hobby I’ve taken up is woodworking, so far I’ve made a vase, a table and butterflies. And if I was a superhero, my power would probably be being able to find the perfect size container for leftovers. I was in an ACE cluster my freshman year and it introduced me to so many great people who were in all of my classes. It inspired me to become a mentor myself and I’m excited to meet all of you and help you  have an outstanding first year in college.

The University of Hawaii at Manoa is great, both in its academics and community. I hope you’re excited to start your college career here! You’ll meet people from around the world, experience things you never thought possible, and learn things that will blow your mind. Have a great summer and get ready for an exciting semester!

See you soon!



Welcome to a new beginning! :)


Hi everyone! My name is Paige and I am very excited to be a peer mentor this semester! I am a Senior, graduating in December with Bachelors of Science in Psychology and a minor in German. Im planning on attending graduate school and eventually perusing a PhD in Psychology. Just so you all have a bit of info about me, I grew up on the island of Guam, and its culture has been a huge impact on my life. I am family oriented, dedicated, and a genuine person with a positive personality. On my free time I love having BBQs with my Guamies (friends from back home that are in Hawaii), beaching it, driving out to the North Shore to eat at the shrimp trucks and have Matsumoto’s shaved ice, and i love to go running. I play the guitar (electric has too much power for me, so i only play acoustic lol), and have a cat named Skyler, who seems to bless and torment my life at the same time.

Although I am counting down the days to graduation, I am dedicated to making your first semester an exciting one, and help prepare you for what is to come. Yes, college can be difficult and is a major change, but the responsibilities gained, skills learned, and feeling of freedom to find what you want out of life, make it all worth it in the end. Take in all the moments, try your best to stay focused, accept that it’s okay to not have all the answers in the beginning, and get excited because you can do this! I will be here for you as a support along the way, by providing a helping hand and a listening ear.

Thanks for reading !

Paige 🙂