Hello and welcome to the University of Hawaii at Manoa!

My name is Thomas and I shall be one of your peer mentors. I will help you along the way from becoming graduates of High school to new Freshmen at this college!

Here are a few facts about myself. I am pursuing a degree in BS biology and am working really hard to get into Medical school. I really want to become either a surgeon or pediatrician someday. In addition I am involved in a community service club, medical club and I am a Tutor at Sinclair library! I also am doing research at a lab that deals with plants. Hopefully I plan to get many of you just as involved!

As for hobbies I like to play the violin, play video games which include and are not limited to: League of legends, MW2-MW3, and Runescape (yea yea I know). I also love to watch anime and read manga! Lastly hanging out with my friends and family.

Hope you all had a great summer. I cannot wait to meet you all!





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