Game on!

Josh & Kyle w/ Rebel SouljahzAloha everyone!

Welcome to UH Manoa and to the ACE program! My name is Joshua, and together with Kyle, we will be your ACE peer mentors for this semester.

Now for a little about myself: I grew up in the Bay Area (San Jose, CA) and moved here last year to pursue my Master’s in Public Administration. Aside from academics and working with the ACE program, I love to get out and get active. My hobbies include: CrossFit, martial arts, hiking, going to the beach, and eating lots and lots of food (Kuru Kuru and shave ice all day).

And now its my turn – Kyle! I grew up in the city of angels, LOS ANGELES! I started surfing when I was a kid, and have been hooked ever since. I came out here for a surf trip during grad school, and fell in love with the islands. Now I am fulfilling my dream and overseeing First Year Programs. Its my personal goal to help you all fulfill your dreams.

We are very excited to meet you all next week. We know college can be scary and stressful, but we promise to do our very best to help make this transition easy and fun! So pack your bags, get your morning java, and we’ll see you all on Monday!


Alright, let’s do this!

Hi everyone!

My name is Amy; I’m a senior double majoring in English & Chinese. I was born and raised on Oahu—graduated from Kalani High School ’09! I like reading, writing, and going on adventures. I’m very excited to be an ACE Peer Mentor and I can’t wait to meet all of you!

Now, I could talk your ear off for over an hour about why I love UH and why I chose to come to this university, but I’ll keep this brief. What I love best about UH Mānoa is that this university gives students opportunities. That’s kinda a big concept to understand, so please mull it over in your mind and take a second to digest it for a bit. Good? Okay.

There are a plethora of opportunities available for students that range from joining clubs (aka RIOs), participating in research, applying for internships, getting a campus job, going to athletic events, or even becoming a peer mentor. Therefore, make it your goal this semester to join something—anything—that interests you to help you ground yourself in this new and exciting place.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer and see you in Fall!

<3 Amy


Hey guys!

Who’s ready for an awesome start to college?? I can’t wait to get to know y’all! You’re going to have such a great time here at UHM… I mean, what’s not to love?

A little about me… I love to travel and try new things. I’m majoring in communications and hope to move to a big city when I graduate.

I’ll see everyone in August!



Wassup Mentees!

ImageALOHA freshies and welcome to the Rainbow Warrior ohana! You made the right choice by choosing to attend the University of Hawaii at Manoa where you can study hard (and play harder) in beautiful Hawaii nei. College is a totally different experience from high school. You’ll be in a new environment with a lot of freedom and even more responsibilities. I understand if you’re a little nervous but you have to admit, it’s kinda exciting huh? Whatever emotions you are feeling right now, don’t feel that you’re alone. We have a lot of resources here on campus meant to serve you and your needs. Take me, your ACE Peer Mentor, for example.

Let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Christopher but please call me Topher. My hobbies include trying new foods and then working it off through Turbo Kickboxing. I am a fourth year Mechanical Engineering student minoring in Communicology. My goal is to work as an engineer in the field of renewable energy and sustainability. I LOVE UH MANOA and am on campus 24/7. Besides being an ACE Peer Mentor I am a Senator-At-Large for the Associated Students of the University of Hawaii at Manoa (ASUH), Vice President of Events for the Engineering Council at the University of Hawaii at Manoa (ECUH), and an Engineering Student Ambassador for the College of Engineering. In the past I’ve been a part of the UH Rainbow Warrior Marching Band, Manoa Peer Advisors, and various other clubs and programs.

Your college experience is more than just what happens inside the classroom. I am a big advocate of getting involved on campus whether it be through sporting events, campus jobs, registered independent organizations, etc. There’s something for everyone here at UH Manoa so take full advantage of it. Getting involved is a great way to meet and make lifelong friends as well as gain useful skills and valuable life lessons. If you have any questions or just wanna chat, I’m all ears! I want your first semester here at UH Manoa to be a wonderful experience and look forward to help guide you as you embark on your journey through college.


IMG_2138First of all, congratulations for choosing UH. What’s better than going to school in paradise? Your college experience depends on what you make it, so let’s make the most of it this semester. I won’t let you down!

My name is Emily and I was born and raised on O’ahu. I’m representing the West side! I am a senior studying management in Shidler. I am Vice President of the Manoa Pre-Law Association and make a living as a hula dancer. I’m praying that I get accepted into Richardson School of Law after graduating with a BBA. But, I’ll take whatever I can get! I want to practice mediation over adjudication. I also want to open the first hula supply store in my hometown, selling most things made in Hawaii and with home grown plants and resources.

I’m super excited to be a Peer Mentor and I can’t wait to meet my cluster!


My name is Emma Pascal and I am a junior at UH Manoa. I am a biology major on the premed track in the Honors Program. I aspire to earn my MD as an OB/GYN and practice international medicine. Originally from the mountains in Colorado, I love being outdoors. Here in Hawaii I have found quite a few hiking trails that are fun, my favorite being Olomana Three Peaks trail—I definitely recommend enjoying the nature Oahu has to offer, both in the mountains and the ocean. UHM also fosters another one of my favorite hobbies: traveling! I recently came back from South India on a research grant and will journey to Nepal for the rest of the summer to study local medicine. During the school year I am a member of Pre Medical Association (PMA) and do nutritional and biological research. There are many amazing research and club opportunities that can really enhance your college experience and I hope you take advantage of them! I firmly believe in taking the opportunities that comes your way, and I hope that each of you will find what makes you tick and reach for it from day one! I am very excited to meet you all and to spend an awesome semester together!




Hey Guys! My name is Teresa and I am

Hey Guys!



My name is Teresa and I am currently a junior pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology with a minor in English. I have an unhealthy addiction to American TV shows, British TV shows, and sometimes the random Korean drama. Also I am constantly looking for new series to devour, and I am almost up to date with Arrested Development, and really need some new suggestions. I love playing soccer, swimming at the beach, and goofing off around the island. I am willing to try new things and am pretty open minded and hopefully easy to talk to. My future aspiration is to be a Physician but I am not quite sure what I want to specialize in, so I am just taking things day by day.



I was born and raised here on Oahu but have pretty much traversed all across China and the mainland. Interesting fact, this blog is actually being written in Hainan China, thanks to the amazing study abroad opportunities provided by UHM. I am a huge advocate of the idea that college is much more than constant studying. Many of the closest friends I have made were through extracurricular activities such as clubs, on campus jobs, dorm activities, and even through sitting around Sinclair Library.



College will be very different from high school and it may seem scary. But you picked a wonderful campus filled with friendly people, who are all willing to help you succeed.  I am looking forward to meeting all of you guys at the beginning of the year and I know that we can make Fall 2013 a semester to remember.


Hello there!


My name is Elisabeth, but people usually call me Lis or Liz. I’m pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology with a minor in Biology. For fun I like to play with my pets. I also bowl competitively in a bowling league. I love to watch So You Think You Can Dance. I hope to one day be a Pediatrician and help as many children as I can.

I was born and raised on this beautiful island. For my freshman year I went to Saint Louis University in Missouri, but I couldn’t stay away and moved back. To relax and unwind, I go to the beach to sunbathe. On campus, I am involved in numerous clubs, and encourage everyone to do so too. It really makes a difference in your college experience. They all welcome new members so ask around!

I know college as a freshman can be overwhelming, especially if you are leaving home, but it is seriously the best years of your life. Embrace it and get as much out of it as you can. If you need help, there are plenty of resources that are there for you. If you need anything, feel free to ask!            ~Lis



Be sure to catch the athletic games that you have free admission to with your UH validated ID!


On a conference to California for UH Manoa.


Helping out at a school event by the school’s Activities Council.



Eating with friends at my favorite restaurant, the Old Spaghetti House.


Welcome to UH!


I’m Jade and I will be one of the ACE Peer Mentors this semester. I look forward to meeting everyone and getting involved in the ACE program for the first time. Since moving here to Oahu from the Big Island about 3 years ago, I have been taking classes at Kapiolani Community College and have just recently transferred to UH after getting my Liberal Arts AA. My major is Natural Resource and Environmental Planning with a focus on policy and development and I’d like to continue my education into a graduate program in Urban Planning. 

When I’m not working or in class, I like to do outdoorsy kinda stuff like hike, bodyboard or just hang out at the beach. For students that have a full course schedule of classes and homework, a job and are feeling overwhelmed before it even starts, don’t panic! Finding a balance of school, work and relaxation time can seem impossible sometimes. I find that time management is key, even if it means literally scheduling a couple hours at the beach before a study session or getting that run in before class.

This is my first semester as a full time UH student and as a Peer Mentor, so I will be learning a lot as we go too, so I hope we all can learn together and make the most of this semester. I look forward to meeting everyone and working with you this semester. 





Hey lovelies!

My name is Michelle and I am a senior majoring in biology. I genuinely believe that throughout this program you will see numerous different possibilities that you can choose from. Theres countless amount of classes and programs that are available here that will suit your unique interests. For all you that are not sure of what to do with your life, don’t even fret! Been there done that!

So about me. I absolutely love arts and crafts but when it’s forced upon me, I absolutely hate it. I guess you can call me a rebel but hey I’m pretty sure most of you are like that. I am a strong believer in conservation and la’au lapa’au. I guess I would describe myself as a modern hippie of some sort. I love interactive activities so if you are in my class, be sure to know that you will dance around a lot.

Just free yourself from societal boundaries and express yourself. Don’t worry, if you have any questions of any sort, I shall help guide you towards whatever path you choose. Can’t wait to meet you all!